MTB Zone Bikepark Geisskopf

MTB Zone Bikepark Geisskopf

The MTB ZONE Bikepark Geisskopf is a massive playground for all kind of mountain bikers and has been one of the most diverse bike parks in Europe for 25 years.

Trail designer Diddie Schneider stands for high quality, well groomed trails and always stays ahead of the game with his innovative ideas.

Bikers can experience the “Spirit of Flow” on Germany’s first Flow Country Trail.

Gravity fans love the Downhill and Mallet Trail. Several enduro trails offer natural passages with a flowing riding experience.

The Transformers trail combines enduro feeling with northshore elements, similar to the famous Evil Eye trail. The Secret Trail is a difficult track, which was used for races and is now open to the public.


  • Kids Parcours

  • Training Parcours

  • Flow Country Trail

  • Uphill Flow

  • Jump Trails

  • Slopestyle Area

  • Mallet Trail

  • X-Ride

  • Jump Line

  • Enduro Trails

  • Transformers

  • Downhill

  • Merida Timber Coaster

  • Evil Eye 2

  • Secret Trail


MTB ZONE Bikepark Geisskopf
Unterbreitenau 1
94253 Bischofsmais
+49 (0)9920 903135

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