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What is the first possible day of use of the Gravity Card?2024-05-13T20:57:26+02:00

You can use your Gravity Card as soon as you physically have it in your hands, as this is the only way you can pass through the turnstiles. If the Gravity Card was purchased online before the start of the season, the first possible day of use is the first day of the Gravity Card’s validity period in this season.

Are there discounts when purchasing the Gravity Card?2024-01-25T14:53:11+01:00

Sorry, no discounts, concessions or group rates are offered. The price of the Gravity Card is the same for all holders.
By the way: after an average of 13 days of biking, your Gravity Card will have already paid for itself!

How is the amount of refund calculated if I am injured?2023-12-04T10:27:47+01:00

If you are injured in the week in which you purchased the card, you are entitled to 90% of the purchase price. With each additional week the refund is reduced by 10%. From the beginning of 10 weeks onwards, there is no longer any entitlement to a refund. If you bought your Gravity Card online before the season, then you have to count on the first possible day of use.

Do I really not have to pay an entrance fee in the bike parks anymore?2022-02-17T21:55:38+01:00

Exactly – that is the concept of the Gravity Card. You pay once for your Gravity Card season pass and have free access to all participating bike parks. Enjoy!

Can I also buy the Gravity Card on site?2022-02-17T21:53:51+01:00

Yes! You can of course also buy the card in any of the participating bike parks (exception: no Gravity Card sale in Bikepark Semmering)

Is my Gravity Card transferrable?2022-03-23T10:47:12+01:00

Gravity Cards are not transferable. Abuse leads to the immediate withdrawal of the card.

What happens, if i lose or forget my Gravity Card?2024-01-17T09:35:25+01:00

The loss of a Gravity Card can be reported to one of the Gravity partners by providing the blocking number (this can be found on the purchase receipt). If proof of identity is provided, the Gravity Card will be blocked and, after paying a processing fee of €25.00 + €2.00 deposit, a replacement card will be issued at the earliest 1 day after the loss is reported. All Gravity Card holders must take care of their card to avoid third parties having access to it. No replacement for forgotten Gravity Cards

Will I get a refund if I get injured?2024-03-04T09:28:19+01:00

In the event of an injury, a pro-rata refund is possible up to 9 weeks from the first possible day of use.

The refund can be processed locally at any Gravity Card sales point – regardless of where the Gravity Card was purchased. The calculation always runs up to the day on which the card is deposited in a Gravity Card bike park.

An application for a refund can also be made by post. The date of the postmark is considered the deposit date. Postal refunds can only be processed with the bike park where the Gravity Card was purchased. For tickets purchased online, the refund is processed by Hinterglemmer Bergbahnen Ges.m.b.H

Regardless of whether the refund is made by a local bike park or by post, the Gravity Card, proof of purchase and an original medical certificate must always be presented. The exact amount of the refund will be calculated when deposited by the respective sales point.

How does the Gravity Card get to me?2024-01-16T08:49:00+01:00

You will receive a Gravity Card keycard by mail. The production of the ticket and the shipping is handled by Bergbahnen Hinterglemm (

How long does it take to receive my Gravity Card?2022-06-29T13:37:31+02:00

Orders placed from Monday to Thursday will be sent by mail the next day.
Orders placed on a Friday, public holiday, bridge day or weekend will be processed the next working day.

Please note that shipping within Austria may take 3-5 business days and shipping worldwide: 7-14 business days (no mailing on weekends or holidays).
Please note that this process may take several days!
You can of course also buy the card in any of the participating bike parks (exception: no Gravity Card sale in Bikepark Semmering)


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