24 bikeparks with one single ticket.


Pay once.

Enjoy all Gravity Card bikeparks with one ticket. You don´t have to pay in the included parks anymore.

Unlimited access.

Shred as often you want in all participating bikeparks. A full season long!

No queue.

Straight to the gate with your Gravity Card. No queue at the ticket counter!



  • 24 bikeparks
  • key card ticket
  • validity: 9.4. – 6.11.22

YOUTH (2003-2005)

  • 24 bikeparks
  • key card ticket
  • validity: 9.4. – 6.11.22

KIDS (2006-2015)

  • 24 bikeparks
  • key card ticket
  • validity: 9.4. – 6.11.22
For me the Gravity Card is pure freedom. I don´t make any pressure on myself for using a single day ticket to the maximum. So I can relax in my van in the morning and go for a ride when I am ready.
It’s so cool to have just one card for so many bikeparks. With the Gravity Card l train the most of the time in Bike Park Maribor and also Leogang and Schladming to prepare myself for the upcoming worldcups.
Monika Hrastnik, visit me on Instagram

I am always on the road – With the Gravity card I have the key to most important bikeparks always with me. I dont´t have to care about tickets any more. And the best thing: the Gravity Card is valid in my homesport Bikepark Brandnertal!

Elias Schwärzler, visit me on Instagram

The Gravity Card is the ideal ticket for me, so I can do training laps in different bikeparks. Now also my homespot Bikepark Lienz is a member of the Gravity Card – and this is lit!

Gabriel Wibmer, visit me on Instagram

I love it to take everything: jumplines, downhill race tracks and natural singletrails. This is a perfect preparation for enduro racing and this big amount of options is mountainbiking for me. And the Gravity Card offers me everything with just one ticket! Must have!

Christian Textor, visit me on Instagram
The Gravity Card gives me the freeride spirit to ride in all the bikeparks. As soon you got it you are FREE to choose your favourite RIDING spot, because so much parks are included. And it motivates for extra sessions, because the more you ride the cheaper your riding days get. This is an absolute winner feeling.
Clemens Kaudela, visit me on Instagram
The Gravity Card means freedom for me, to use also busy days for a short bikepark visit. I don´t have to ask myself if it is worth to go just for 2 hours. So I go riding more often and I am super motivated to check out all included bikeparks.
Nina Gutenthaler, visit me on YouTube
For me the second best invention after the bicycle is the Gravity Card. I can shred easy and without problems in all my favourite bikeparks. I dont´t have to waste time with buying single day passes and don´t have to care about ticket prices! And: my favourite spot Sölden is included as well!
Korbinian Engstler, visit me on Instagram
For me the Gravity Card means especially one thing: Freedom! I am really much on roadtrips, I love it to shred in different parks on those trips. With the Gravity Card in my pocket I don´t have to waste any thoughts on ticket prices, I just can enjoy the season to the fullest.
Freeride Flo, visit me on YouTube

The Gravity Card is the one and only ticket option for me. I can shred 24 bikeparks in full-send-mode without wasting time at the ticket counter 😍🚀

Boris Tetzlaff, visit me on Instagram


How long does it take to receive my Gravity Card?2022-06-29T13:37:31+02:00

Orders placed from Monday to Thursday will be sent by mail the next day.
Orders placed on a Friday, public holiday, bridge day or weekend will be processed the next working day.

Please note that shipping within Austria may take 3-5 business days and shipping worldwide: 7-14 business days (no mailing on weekends or holidays).
Please note that this process may take several days!
You can of course also buy the card in any of the participating bike parks (exception: no Gravity Card sale in Bikepark Semmering)


How does the Gravity Card get to me?2022-02-17T21:48:56+01:00

You will receive a Gravity Card keycard by mail. The production of the ticket and the shipping is handled by Bergbahnen Hinterglemm (

Will I get a refund if I get injured?2022-02-17T21:50:55+01:00

In case of injury a refund of the Gravity Card is possible within 9 weeks from the date of purchase. A refund requires a medical confirmation from a local doctor in original and the Gravity Card. Calculation ends at the date when the card is returned to the current bike park.

What happens if I lose my Gravity Card?2022-03-23T10:46:02+01:00

If you lose your Gravity Card, go into any Gravity Card partner business to register the card´s loss and get it cancelled. You need to provide proof of your identity and pay an administrative charge of € 25,00 and a replacement Gravity Card will then be issued, at the earliest on the following day. All Gravity Card holders must take care of their card to avoid third parties having access to it. No replacement will be issued if you forget to bring your card with you.

Is my Gravity Card transferrable?2022-03-23T10:47:12+01:00

Gravity Cards are not transferable. Abuse leads to the immediate withdrawal of the card.

Can I also buy the Gravity Card on site?2022-02-17T21:53:51+01:00

Yes! You can of course also buy the card in any of the participating bike parks (exception: no Gravity Card sale in Bikepark Semmering)

Do I really not have to pay an entrance fee in the bike parks anymore?2022-02-17T21:55:38+01:00

Exactly – that is the concept of the Gravity Card. You pay once for your Gravity Card season pass and have free access to all participating bike parks. Enjoy!

Are there any cancellation options or refunds due to CoVid19?2022-03-21T15:15:00+01:00

Yes. In order to offer bikers more security when it comes to purchasing a Gravity Card, and for those who have already purchased theirs in advance, the Gravity Card group has agreed the following special arrangements.

Season tickets that have been bought through advance sales can be completely cancelled until the end of the summer season free of charge, provided that they have not been used. Cancellations will be processed by the Hinterglemmer Bergbahnen advance sales office (

If legal regulations or lockdown measures in place in individual states mean that opening the bike parks and their associated lifts is delayed or is not possible at all, the following price alterations will apply:

• If less than 50% of the parks are open by the end of June, a reduction of 20% will apply.
• If less than 50% of the parks are open by the end of July, a reduction of 30% will apply
• If until end of August more than 50% of the bikeparks will be closed simultaneously for 14 days or cannot be reached due to travel limitations of minimum 14 days,
not used days (1 day = 1/17 of the ticket price) will be refunded.

The amount of reduction in price can be reclaimed at the end of the season in the form of reimbursement at the Bikepark where the ticket was bought. Attention: Gravity cards that have been used for more than 17 days will not be eligible for any refund. Does not apply for the purchase during or after a permanent closure of more than 50% of the bikeparks for min. 14 days.

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