Bikepark Wurbauerkogel

Bikepark Wurbauerkogel

The Bikepark Wurbauerkogel, in the middle of Pyhrn- Priel, offers mountainbike trails of varying degrees of dif- ficulty for beginners and professionals. From easy “Blue Lollipop” to hardcore downhill track “Black Widow”, on which downhill nationals have already raced. The “Big Red” is a short Jumpline where the largest wallride of Austria is placed too.
A small pumptrack for our youngsters is situated at the chairlift, as well as the Pyhrn-Priel Bike Rental Center, with bike wash and free showers. The medium-difficult, 5km long singletrail on the Wurzeralm in Spital am Pyhrn is included in the Gravity Card as well.


  • Easyline

  • Downhill

  • Singletrail

  • Jumpline

  • Pumptrack

  • Northshore


Bikepark Wurbauerkogel
Kühbergstr. 2, 4580 Windischgarsten
+43 (0)3687/24100-40

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